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Brazil eases restrictions to foreign investment in the banking industry


I study regulations on foreign investments from many countries. From experience I know that it is never a good sign when a company needs authorization from the President himself before it can incorporate in a given place. Brazil, embarrassingly, required a presidential decree, no less, before authorizing any foreign financial institutions to invest in Brazil (even though foreign investment in other areas, including mining, cattle and farming, is mostly unrestricted). Fortunately, this rule has changed. As from September 27, 2019, the Brazilian Central Bank will be the sole responsible for authorizing foreign investments in the financial sector in two cases: Opening of new Brazilian branches of foreign institutions; Increase in the participation of foreign investors in the equity of Brazilian financial institutions. It should be noted that the Brazilian Central Bank (Bacen) is not only a Central Bank, in the financial sense, but it is also the main regulatory agency… Leia mais




Brazil has a lot of government databases. Several of them are available through internet search. They are very useful when evaluating potential suppliers or targets for a Joint Venture or Acquisition This post will cover the Federal tax registration, the São Paulo state registration and the status of mining rights. CNPJ – THE MASTER CODE Everything in the Brazilian business world is centered around the CNPJ number. CNPJ is the tax enrollment number for companies. It is similar to the EIN code used by American companies, but much more prevalent. It is also usually public. You can ask your target for his CNPJ number. If he doesn’t give you one, there are two probable explanations: The project is not yet incorporated. It could be a seed project, for example. Or, it could be an individual working alone; It is scam or fraud. Get out. You can consult the CNPJ number at the Federal Revenue Service website:… Leia mais

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