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Newsletter 1º Edition – June /2019


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Publication of Guidance on Customer Tax Evasion


The Wolfsberg Group – May 28, 2019 The Wolfsberg Group is pleased to publish its Guidance on Customer Tax Evasion, which is designed to provide Financial Institutions (FIs) with an industry perspective on how to develop, implement and maintain an effective anti-tax evasion compliance programme. The overall objective of the Guidance is to promote a culture of ethical business practices and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to the prevention of tax evasion, including the facilitation thereof, and to help FIs prevent the use of their operations for criminal purposes. It is the Group’s view that an effective compliance programme should leverage existing financial crime compliance, conduct and tax (including tax transparency regimes) procedures and controls, in order to address the risks of customer tax evasion, and the facilitation thereof. The Group acknowledges that while tax evasion facilitation risk is distinct from the underlying predicate offence… Leia mais

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