Adler Martins – lawyers

Areas of Expertise

Assistance to brokers of international transactions

We provide consulting services to commercial agents and brokers who act as intermediaries between Brazilian suppliers and foreign buyers.

As we see it, this line of ​​business involves many risks for the intermediaries. Therefore, legal protection through binding agreements is of essence.

Our experience includes assistance agreements for the brokerage of commodities (ores, diamond, sugar, paper) and also other products exported by Brazil, such as apparel, spirits and engineering services.

  • Drafting of brokerage agreements;
  • Drafting of contracts typically used in international agency, such as NCND, NNN, LOI;
  • Auditing and due diligence on the authenticity of offers, purchase orders and bank letters;
  • Protection against “bypass” and non-payment of commissions;
  • Tax planning on how to receive commissions, especially for commissions paid outside of Brazil.
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