Don’t leave bank accounts behind in Brazil, unless you set them straight

I have been noticing a surge of tax audits regarding clients who lived in Brazil for a while and then went back home but kept financial investments in Brazil...

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Can foreign individuals own mining companies in Brazil?

Below, an interesting exchange with a reader (all personal details have been deleted). Dear Professor Adler Martins. I like your blog very much, for I love International Law, negotiation and the art of drafting contracts...

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How to set up a Bitcoin arbitrage business in Brazil

Brazil has been a good market for Bitcon/cryptocurrency arbitrage. Although the last months have been rough, prices spikes always occur and specialists have pointed out to me that, if one can keep costs down

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Non-residents individuals do not pay income tax on gains from Brazilian real estate funds

As long as the real estate fund abides by a few conditions, such as having at least 50 investors, gains arising from it and paid to individual investors who reside abroad are exempt from income tax in Brazil.

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We are one of the few Brazilian firms specialized in international business law and international tax law

Founded on 2012, the firm has specialized in providing consulting services to foreign investors and to Brazilian companies that conduct international business.

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